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Setting Alerts

This training guide will demonstrate how to set up alerts regarding the financial information in your personal website.

1) From your Home page, click Settings. You should end up on the Alerts tab. Below are descriptions of the available options and alerts.

2) The Delivery Settings allow you to permission alerts being sent to an email and if you want to be notified on your home page that an alert has been triggered. To add an email recipient, click the Add/Show drop down and enter in the recipient's email. Click the Plus sign when complete. Toggling ON Home Page Notifications allows you to see triggered alerts for a set number of days before they expire.

3) Personal Financial Alerts allow you to set up notifications for things relevant to your financials. These alerts are tied to the spending information brought over through Accounts. To add accounts directly from a financial institution, please refer to the Adding Accounts instructions.

4) Investments alerts are alerts relating to the underlying investment holdings in your portfolio.

5) Reminders are date-based alerts.

If you have questions about setting alerts, or about your financial website in general, please contact us. We're always happy to help.