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04 June
Building a Successful Retirement


Stock market jitters with the recent sell-off? Coronavirus concerns?

Stop and focus on what you can control! If a significant missing fact was costing you money, when would you want to find out?

You've spent a lifetime accumulating money for your retirement. You've saved, invested, taken advantage of workplace retirement plans, and now you need to make decisions to generate lifetime income and avoid unnecessary costs - these decisions could have lasting repercussions. Do you know the questions to ask to ensure your financial decisions are based on facts and logic, not opinions, emotions, or misconceptions?

Find money falling through the cracks which could be redirected to your family, vacations, hobbies, medical expenses, or your favorite charity!

Informed retirees and investors are finding new ways to take back control of their finances through the information presented in this insightful webinar.

  • Three big misconceptions your CPA, attorney and financial advisor may be missing that could be costing you thousands per year! (Most investors are affected by at least two.)
  • How wealthy high-income investors could shelter income and assets from higher tax rates and risk going forward.
  • The misconceptions surrounding the choice between "buy and hold" versus "timing the market."
  • How to solve your long-term care problems without paying annual insurance premiums.
  • How to make the most of your retirement income by utilizing financial vehicles that last a lifetime.
  • Three tax return issues that could cause you to likely pay more than your necessary share of taxes. (New tax law changes have nothing to do with all the stealth taxes that could be costing you money.)

Date and Time

Thu, Jun 04, 2020

6:30p - 8:00p MST


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