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August 19 - Summer 2014 Newsletter Crossword Puzzle Answers

July 30, 2014

Hello readers! Here are the answers to the crossword puzzle from our Perspectives Summer 2014 newsletter. If you don't have a copy of the newsletter but would like one, please send us a message at and we'll send an electronic version right to your inbox.

Happy puzzling, and we'll talk to you soon.

1. Net worth of a business (CAPITAL)
5. Raise money through sale of debt or equity (FINANCE)
9. Foreign exchange market (FOREX)
10. FICO score provider, 2 wds (FAIRISAAC)
11. Conditional (IF)
12. Ownership papers (TITLE)
14. Not cheap (EXPENSIVE)
17. Employer number, abbr. (EIN)
18. Rolls symbol (RR)
19. Interest rate tsars (FED)
20. Make bigger (ENLARGE)
23. Obtain (GET)
25. Accumulate (ACCRUE)
28. If the ___ fits... (SHOE)
30. Silently implied (TACIT)
32. Money provider- at a cost...... (LENDER)
33. It was Black in 1869 (FRIDAY)
34. ___ ratio: A stock's price/earnings ratio divided by its year-over-year earnings growth rate (PEG)
36. Bank's house takeover (FORECLOSURE)
40. Conger is one (EEL)
42. Roth is one option (IRA)
43. Sat in the passenger's seat (RODE)
45. __ Mans car race (LE)
46. Ended a stock position due to an execution of a market order to buy or sell a security if a specific price is reached, 2 wds (STOPPED OUT)
47. Decide to opt out of an opportunity (PASS)

1. Benefits plan that allows employees to select from a pool of choices (CAFETERIA)
2. Equality (PARITY)
3. Federal income __ (TAX)
4. Curve which supposed that for a given economy there is an optimal tax level to optimize tax revenues (LAFFER)
5. Buying a house and reselling shortly afterwards (FLIPPING)
6. Index that tracks the activities of experienced and inexperienced investors (NVI)
7. Coming closer (NEARING)
8. Go over the limit (EXCEED)
13. Carry out (EXECUTE)
15. Cool (NEAT)
16. Male customer address (SIR)
21. Took the initiative
22. Possible set of future events (SCENARIO)
24. Reuses, to preserve the environment (RECYCLES)
26. Trumpet or plug? (EAR)
27. Penalties (FINES)
29. Investment made in order to reduce risk of adverse price movements in a security, by taking an offsetting position in a related security (HEDGE)
31. The ___/fear oscillator (investor's emotional swings) (GREED)
32. Raises (LIFTS)
34. Atlantic, slang (POND)
35. Wise adviser (GURU)
37. Overall software integration for all the company's processes (abbr.) (ERP)
38. Limit (CAP)
39. Decompose (ROT)
41. Golfer, Ernie (ELS)
44. Old record, abbr. (EP)